Bose L1 model 1S 

I use this system for all my solo gigs. I play all my acoustic guitars through it as well as my archtops. It gives them a wonderful clean natural full range sound. It has a 180 degree sound radious, so no volume loss. I do not use the Bose audio engine. I have a rack case of gear that gives me a full array of sound shaping and effects.

You have to try one of these to hear how amazing your guitars can sound!


​I have an effects rack with an assortment of units. I have different ones for specific needs and sounds. I also have a few pedals, too. I can also use midi. Sometimes I run  my guitars wireless. I also run a preamp and I have a few secret units, too. Hey - I can’t give away all my secrets now can I, lol?

A few words about equipment

​Selecting what equipment is right for you is a very personal choice.I am sure that if you talk to ten different musicians you would get ten differnet answers as to what they perfer. It may be based on musical styles, playability, portability, cost, or any combination of these.

I have played many different amps, guitars, and effects over the years. I have heard even more musicians play and use more then I could every try. I have learned that it simply comes down to what is best suited for the individual player and what they are trying to achive.

​There is one common thread that I have seen among most musicians, they all seem to be continually looking to improve on their performance and their sound. I personally believe that is the mark of a true artist!

Revera Sedona 55

​55 watt combo amp. I have the 12 inch JBL speaker with a single high power dome tweeter to be used with acoustic guitars. This amp is the best I have ever seen or heard. The controls on the tone and volume are so impressive.

​This amp does it all. From Jazz to Metal to Acoustic and everything in between. You have complete control over all aspects and features.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Guitarist / Vocalist

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